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Over 20 years of experiences of the company founder, the BD Plus Global is underway of glowing and expanding business territory to be a market leader with full and complete services in freight forwarding. We are specialized on both import and export cargo by land, sea and air. International transportation, cross border delivery, oversized cargo delivery and customs protocol and brokerage are main key success factor of the company.
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In-Transit Shipment
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Heavy & Dangerous

After all these years, international business networking relationship had been built throughout the world by company’ s executives to ensure of smooth and successful operation. Accountability and reliability are main concern of company reputation. We treated every single client as our premium business partner, fast and secure of the cargo delivery is the business core component.

Other than the strong international networking relationship, BD Plus Global is also composed of a high experienced personnel to cover every dimension of freight forwarding, land, sea and air which is also including a customs brokerage protocol. Together with a strong supporting team of shipping staff, dangerous goods and oversized cargo are also our strong point. We always hand out the business plan with the alternative solutions to our clients whenever is needed to get the job done as they are expecting.

Understanding of client needs and their business objective are main core philosophy in order to get the job done right and seamless operation. We have a commitment to achieve our goal to satisfy our clients with the highest satisfactory.  

Executive Management


Khuna Yanasarn
Managing Director

Graduated from Chiangmai University in Mechanical Engineering and started his career as an Engineer for 15 years. He has a personal interest in International Freight Forwarding, together with his management background, so he decided to start his own company ‘BD Plus Global Co., Ltd.’ with Khun Buskorn whose also has a long career path in freight forwarding. His vision and mission is all about company sustainable growth; with the highest customer satisfaction by making the best use of the transportation’s modern technology innovation.

Buskorn Yanasarn
Sales Director

Khun Buskorn Yanasarn, the Sales Director, with the 20 years career path in Freight Forwarding; specializes in both domestic and international transportations. This is a trademark for BD Plus Global to ensure on their customer satisfaction. She completely has a clear vision on how important it is for the business to rely on the best and efficiency freight forwarding system in order to have a sustainable growth. As a Top Management, she can see through on how to improve the strategy to seek for the highest satisfaction with most efficiently for each particular client. This is why BD Plus Gloabl is glowing strongly and expands their wing all over territory both domestic and international.

Bongkot Sundaravej
General Manager

A Master’s degree graduate of Project Management at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi and a Bachelor’s degree graduate from Assumption University, Khun Bongkot had been working for GfK MarketWise Ltd. for the past 12 years as Human Resources Director. She had also joined with the research team in several projects study. At the present, she is holding the position as General Manager at BD Plus Global Co., Ltd.  and her responsibility to oversee the overall picture of the company direction, also including both domestic and international operations.