Air Freight Delivery

BD Plus Global is one of the market leader in freight forwarding which providing a completed business solution (one stop service) to our clients. A strong international business networking is one of the key success factors for us to provide a cargo deliver from any corner of the globe until its reach to the hand of the recipients. We take care of any single details right from start till drop off at final destination including the customs protocol and brokerage without any hesitation to our clients’ expectation.

Because we understand the needs of our clients under the pressure circumstance such as delivery time and how sensitive it is in today business competition, so we put a close attention in every single details including consistency of communication between the concerned parties to provide fast and accurate services to build up a highest satisfactory for every single clients. We may provide a door to door service on both economy and express air delivery from everywhere around the world.      

Air Freight Services are as follows:

  • Air Freight Booking with any leading airlines around the world
  • Guaranteed safety for cargo forwarding and receiving under the international terms of agreement by a highly trained professional team
  • Dangerous Goods and Control Goods Services are also available
  • Packing Services with the international standard certification and also compliant with any specific country regulation
  • Customs Protocol and Brokerage Services
  • Cargo Insurance Services with the world leading insurance company
  • Other concerned services